You never fail to make me feel worse,
tell me stories about your own great character
and how you conquered all that stood before you
despite circumstances, despite having us, having me.

Don’t forget to rush my pain out the window,
tell me how it just does not measure up,
and then gather all the reasons that
my suffering cannot be real, for you have seen worse.

Count all the times you have been wronged
and remember all the times you have gallantly stood strong
because you have no bitterness to spare
since you preach a peace that you have failed to teach me.

Remind me that I have brought this upon myself
and all my ugliness too, only worsened by tears,
say you cannot help, as little as you want to,
so just wish me well and send me away once again

I can only hope to accomplish half of what you expect
for my heart is not as strong in adversity
as you claim yours to be for
unfortunately, like mother is not like daughter.


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