I write because

I write because I’m scared that I will lose my voice before I find the courage to speak up.

Writing is such a huge part of who I am, not because I write well, or even often, but because I’ve begun to crave it. It’s something I wish I could do, would do, find the time to get better at it — much like a lot of other things, really.

There is something remarkable about writing. You are able to transport someone, a million miles away, to a world you’ve created that exists entirely in your mind. Or you can heal them and help them by simply putting down in words how your heart aches sometimes, too, and how you have made friends with your demons and you know them by name.

I want to be heard. And I want to trust myself — trust that what I have to say is worth hearing.

I write because it brings me peace, and it makes the pain real — but it makes the healing real, too.


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