Too Legit to Quit

Last night, I had a revelation.

I find myself craving to go to the gym, to train. It comes in waves, because I know I’m taking some time to study–priorities, etc. But I feel so drained whenever I have to address the amount of study material I have to face in the next 24 hours. I’ve been diligent at procrastinating and I hate myself for it.

Then, while running through the reasons I love training, and planning how I’m going to start lifting heavier, it hit me like a freight train. Starting to lift heavy is, slowly, teaching me discipline. It’s a foreign idea to me, but I’ve started to shape my life around my training because I know that this will make me better. Training consistently, eating well, and sleeping enough helps me stack more weight onto that bar. And it’s taken time, but I’ve been surprisingly understanding, patient even.

And then I thought about applying this to other parts of my life, like schoolwork. This is me training to get better, and to perform better. Being consistent, studying regularly, eating right and sleeping well is what will help me stack more points on that GPA. I didn’t know a slight shift in mindset would revolutionize the way I feel about studying.

A while ago, I found out why I feel like I should be doing well, proving myself. And now I know how to go about that, albeit a little late.


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