Whole30: Week #1

I chose to do the Whole30 because I knew that I had been neglecting my nutrition. That means that I hadn’t really been taking care of myself and this happens whenever I’m at school. You are what you eat, and I was eating a lot of crappy take-out so I became crappy take-out.

Week 1 of my second attempt at Whole30 went well. Probably because I wasn’t going to any “spontaneous” dim sum dinners. There’s a lesson there but I’ll save it for later. For now, some insights I’ve gathered:

  1. I really like fruits. That may be how I get my sugar fix but, damn, fruits are amazing.
  2. I also really crave savoury snacks. Like chips. Or anything salty really. It’s a weakness that I want to work on. At the end of this, I better walk passed the vending machine with those jalepeno chips and not bat an eye. Or even salivate.
  3. Being unprepared is the worst. I got halfway through the week and was too tired to cook which resulted in me looking at my sad salad the next day and regretting not cooking.

The vegetable of the week was eggplant/aubergines. 100% approved. The thing I miss the most this week is white flour. Not in pastries or bread, but in naan. I went to dinner with my parents and had my amazing eggplant curry and lamb saag without amazing garlic naan.

Week 2 brings me a wedding and some tough stuff at work. Holding thumbs and all the good things, hoping I keep it together. Happy Whole30 to me.


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